What we support

The charity has been established to provide financial support for the following areas:

  • Animal Sterilization
  • Animal Rescue
  • Animal Shelter
  • Animal Adoption
  • Animal Fostering
  • Community Education

It should be noted that there are a number of free spay and neuter clinics in the area and this remains a critical activity.  The best way to avoid large numbers of stray animals and minimize the need for animal rescue will be to actively promote sterilization along with trap and release programs. 

Rescue, shelter, adoption, and fostering require us to provide assistance for the basic necessities such as food, water and litter for the rescued animals, costs for items such as medicines and petrol for transporting the animals all comes out of the rescuer’s pockets. One of our goals is to help these rescuers with these costs.

Paws and Claws Puerto Vallarta firmly believes that education and community engagement are also keys to creating lasting change. We are committed to raising awareness about responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering and the importance of treating animals with compassion and respect.