Treasurer’s report for year ending 31 December 2023

Paws and Claws Puerto Vallarta public charity was established early in the year, obtaining IRS tax exempt status in March 2023.  It was subsequently registered as a tax-exempt public charity with Colorado state in May 2023.  Consequently, operations only truly started around mid-year with our first donation being received in July. 

The table below summarizes the income and expenses for 2023.  We received a total of $16,832 USD in donations and spent $8,127 USD.  Predominantly those expenses were associated with spay and neuter clinics for which a total of 239 surgeries were covered during the final four months of the year.  The donations have allowed our major funding beneficiary Cuale Clinics to begin to ramp up the number of animals treated per monthly clinic and investigate offering extra clinics in 2024.  We also supported animal shelters, with an initial focus on Angelicat, but we intend to expand this activity in 2024.  Finally, we instituted a vet treatment program through Mascota’s veterinarian clinic where we cover the vet fees for initial treatment/medicines for animals rescued by animal rescuers.  To maintain control of expenses under this program we established a list of approved rescuers able to access support.  Initially the list has been restricted to 10 rescuers but in 2024 we hope to broaden the base of rescuers, and expand the program to other veterinarian clinics in different geographical locations.

Donations increased during 2023 with around $6,000 USD received in December alone.  This increase is excellent news and means that we enter 2024 with just over $8,000 USD available to continue our support for dogs and cats in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Stephen Bland, Treasurer