Who we support

Puerto Vallarta is home to countless animals that face dire situations, including abandonment, abuse, and neglect. We strive to provide financial assistance the many animal welfare individuals and groups in our area.  These are known as “Animalistas”, a name meaning “animal helpers”.

We have a network of dedicated Animalistas who cover a vast range of activities such as providing free spay and neuter clinics, feeding homeless animals, rescuing dogs and cats from the street, housing animals while preparing them for adoption, collecting and delivering animals to clinics or vets for owners with no means of transport or ability to pay. 

Many of the volunteers who provide help to dogs and cats work endless hours to take them from the streets, feed them and provide them with medical care. Several rescuers take as many as fifteen to twenty animals at a time to free spay and neuter clinics.

Here are some examples:

Miriam’s Story

Miriam, a hard-working teacher and mother, still finds the time and energy to go above and beyond to take a bus to some of the poorest neighborhoods where people don’t have the time or capacity to take their dogs or cats to a spay and neuter clinic. She transports them to the clinics and then returns them to their owners. She rescues many abused or abandoned animals when she gets notices on social media or from her students. She volunteers at the Cuale Spay & Neuter Clinic once a month where she puts in long hard days. Miriam has even hosted a small clinic at her own home when she had 30 animals organized for spay and neuter.

Cielo’s Story

Cielo does so much; she takes the bus daily at 7 am from her home to feed a colony of cats in a downtown park. She feeds the cats and watches for any newly dumped, new kittens, or any of the cats needing medical attention. She and a small team of helpers work hard to capture any new cats and take them to the free spay and neuter clinics. Cielo also volunteers at the Cuale Spay & Neuter Clinic, putting in a long day, usually from 8 or 9 am to 5 pm, helping with some uglier chores like cleaning up after the cats and dogs have recovered from surgery. She coordinates with local neighborhood rescuers to get animals transported to the clinics and encourages the local community to spay and neuter their pets.

Angie’s Story

Angie, a very busy mother and grandmother, has been helping animals for at least 20 years, starting before there were any free spay and neuter clinics, and she had to rely on the local vets who let her pay over time. She does a lot of trapping at various colonies of cats, houses many of those cats in her AngeliCat rescue facility, and works very hard to get the cats adopted as soon as possible. She regularly coordinates with other neighborhood rescuers to transport ten to twenty animals a day to spay and neuter clinics.

Angela’s Story

Angela is a prolific animal helper in Vallarta. She’s often limited to the number of animals she can take to a clinic, so she’s involved in several clinics. Not only does she take the animals to the clinic and deliver them back, but she also stays to volunteer. Angela has developed the skill of capturing animals to be sterilized into an art form and creates teams of helpers to collect animals and get them to the free spay and neuter clinics. Angela had minimal Spanish when she started but possessed a strong drive to help the local animalistas and make a difference. Over time she has become well integrated into the community through the hosting of clinics and by helping other animalistas to best connect in order to coordinate their efforts.