Angelícat is a suburban refuge for kittens and cats in need of shelter and a new home. The founder, Angelíca, and her volunteers and helpers have saved over a 1,000 cats in the past 12 years. AngelíCAT finds medical care and provides a safe temporary shelter for stray and abandoned cats and tries to find good foster and fur-ever homes for these sweet “meowers”.

Angelica is the founder of the AngeliCat cat shelter

Approaching 50 felines reside in this converted two-bedroom apartment unit with a small cat- secure outdoor space. There are beds and boxes and platforms as well as quarantine cages and spaces. While it probably feels like heaven to these “gatitos” compared to the dangerous streets just beyond these walls, the space is limited and even at its best, the shelter cannot not compare with the experience of a cat being a member of loving family, which is the goal for each kitten and cat coming into the shelter. Nevertheless AngelíCat has developed an excellent reputation for getting cats into loving homes.

Inside the AngeliCat cat shelter

In a recent interview, Angelíca explained her effective process that starts with strong social media presence. “I find the houses as they write to me on my page that they want to adopt, I ask several questions before giving information. [Such as] ‘Do you have more pets? and ‘What type of dog or cat?’ If they answer that they have had several, and the person is young, they [may not be a good adopter] since they have had several that have been with them. Cats live approximately 20 years.  I ask questions until I see the best option. The questions also [seek to answer] which cat is best for each style of house. For example, a very sociable cat can live in a house with children who are respectful of animals, unlike a cat that is not very sociable and scared. There I try to see that it is a patient person, preferably without young children, and someone who knows about cats. People who have never had cats and don’t know anything about them will always be better off with a sociable one.”

“Whoever adopts a cat from me always continues to have communication for at least two months. From there a small friendship is born, although not with everyone. The vast majority who have adopted from me come back to adopt a new one or they bring their children to adopt from me.” 

“On one occasion I asked my [Facebook] page to send photos of the AngelíCats adopted years ago. I was surprised by the many photos of happy cats in their adopted homes.  Sometimes people stop me on the street and say, ‘do you remember me? I adopted a cat from you 8 or 10 years ago. We still have it.’ That news refreshes my soul! [Still] this is not an easy task- raising babies, feeling affection for them, and then letting them go for adoption.  My job will always be to leave [the cats] in homes where they will be given love and to give them the time they need [here at AngelíCat]. No cat is euthanized because of age or temperament or because of inadequate space, but, sadly, euthanasia is sometimes necessary to end suffering for very sick cats with terminal illnesses.

Indeed, being a rescuer is not an easy task and they fully deserve all the support Paws and Claws Puerto Vallarta can provide!